Silicon Carbide (SiC) has long been recognized as the choice for high voltage, high temperature, and high power applications. To achieve optimum design in SiC power devices, a varying charge in the lateral direction should be introduced. To f orm a junction termination extension (JTE) in SiC, different implant doses into multiple spaced zones can be used to create a non-uniform implant profile extending away from a junction termination. However, multiple implantation steps increase process cycle time, complexity, and fabrication cost. This invention is directed to a method of forming a multiple zone JTE with a single ion implantation step. A mask with varying thickness is used to selectively screen the ion implantation. One possible masking material is Si02, which can be deposited and easily etched via ME or wet chemical etching. This technique can be used in a wide variety of material technologies, although it is primarily geared towards those with low dopant diffusivity.