Advances in the semiconductor industry continue to be desired to address demand for semiconductor devices capable of high performance and low power consumption in a wide variety of applications. In one or more applications, enhanced high-voltage semiconductor devices such as, enhanced Schottky diodes, p-i-n diodes, insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT), bipolar junction transistors (BJTs), etc., may be desired for, for instance, high-speed power switching applications. The advantage of this technology lies in a multilayer structure including a semiconductor layer, the semiconductor layer including a dopant and having an increased conductivity. Via electrochemical processing with inorganic acid and oxidizing species, porosity of the semiconductor layer is increased. Subsequently, at least a part of the semiconductor layer is removed from the multilayer structure. The technology advantageously facilitates enhancing crystallinity of the epitaxially-grown semiconductor layers, which may be used to fabricate high-voltage power devices such as, Schottky diodes, p-i-n diodes, IGBTs, BJTs, etc. Further, the lightly-doped, epitaxially-grown semiconductor layers may be employed to fabricate devices on any available crystalline face of the epitaxially-grown semiconductor layers. Additionally, once removed, the heavily-doped semiconductor layers of increased porosity may be used for a variety of purposes, including, for instance, in fabricating highly efficient gas sensors, molecular filters, electrodes for electron field emitters, etc.