Conventional technologies used for the generation of solar power include building-integrated flat-plate photovoltaic (PV) systems, and stand-alone concentrating PV systems that are removed from the location of power application. Although these technologies work, widespread adoption of them for general use has been hampered by a number of impediments, such as the large amount of silicon needed for flat-plate systems, the cost and appearance of the stand-alone systems, and the relatively weak solar-to-electric operating conversaion efficiencies of both systems. This invention is directed to an integrated system using a transparent double skin faade, a concentrating lens, a vertical multijunction photovoltaic cell, a thermal energy capture module, and a sun tracking system to provide electricity, thermal energy, and daylighting for use in buildings.The modular assembly can be placed on vertical, horizontal, or inclined surfaces.The system can be used to replace existing wall, roof, or atria structures, reducing the need for cooling requirements from solar heating while providing light, electricity, and thermal energy for use in the building.

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Natasha Sanford