CASE - Computer Aided System Editor

Researchers at RPI have conceived a technical article publication system. “CASE” or “Computer-Aided System Editor'', may improve the quality of peer review, reduce publication costs, shorten review times, and facilitate research progress. Whereas centralized publication systems rely on authors to pay “open access” publication fees and volunteer peer reviewers, CASE provides a metric to compensate authors and reviewers as part of a crowdsourced, sustainable publishing ecosystem.


Inventors at RPI have invented a technology that can overcome the issues seen in few-view CT scans. CT scans use a large number of X-rays exposing the patient to ionizing radiation during this procedure. Though the risk of cancer from a CT scan might be extremely low, there is still a concern that the combined risks of scanning for diagnoses and/or treatment could lead to a greater number of cancers in the future. Few-view CT image reconstruction is an important approach to reduce the ionizing radiation dose.