This technology relates to a photopolymerizable class of vinyl ether oligomers which can find application in the areas of coatings, adhesives, printing inks, photoresists and high impact composites. The versatile photopolymerization capability makes these oligomers an excellent strategic candidate for shrinkage control coatings in place of acrylates. These oligomers include photopolymerizable functional groups which manifests excellent uniform film forming characteristics when cured by UV or electron beam radiation. Final product shows negligible shrinkage for coated surface, better adherence for adhesive applications and controlled flow and limited penetration characteristics into the porous substrates for impact resistance composites. Applications include adiation curable coatings, adhesives, composites, printing inks, photoresists, and stereolithography. Advantages include substantial reduction in shrinkage during curing by photopolymerization, large amount of reactive oligomers are obtained in the synthesization process, systems cost reduction for manufacturing when copolymerized with upgrades in chemical, mechanical and physical properties.

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Natasha Sanford