This technology relates to a wireless radio communications scheme that minimizes interferences between different channels and increases high bandwidth data communication. Furthermore, this modulation scheme is easy to implement with simple low cost electronic systems. Possible applications for this technology include: optical communication, energy efficient illumination, optical signal processing, smart shower heads, fertilizer dispensers, hydroponics systems, smart automobile brakes, adaptive lighting systems, medical diagnostic systems, etc. The technology is based on multiplexing a large number of densely packed signals (pulses) with slightly different duty cycles within a single transport channel. The characteristics of this modulation are: (a) same wave frequency for all channels and (b) channels are characterized by a specific duty cycle. Superposition of waves from different channels simultaneously leads to high bandwidth data communication. In the case studies conducted on free space optical (FSO) communication using white light emitting diodes (also known as visible light communication), this scheme could be used for enhancing the data communication bandwidth by spatial optical modulation.

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Natasha Sanford