Coastal urban development has resulted in buildings and civil structures extending to the waters edge, which has significantly reduced the coastlines natural mechanisms for resisting erosion from wave action. There is a need to restore the ability of many coastlines to absorb wave energy and to restore native shoreline plants. To address this problem, this technology provides biomechanical structures for coastline remediation. The structural assemblies are comprised of a distribution of one or more members, one or more anchors, and one or more connection members to connect the assembly to similar assemblies or to other structures. The anchors may be fixed, floating, or a combination of fixed and floating anchors. Some embodiments include components with biodegradable materials which are seeded and nutrient-laden to restore native plant growth, and some embodiments include components for mechanical or material power generation. In this way, the technology can help restore the shorelines natural defenses against wave energy while also harvesting this energy for power generation.

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Natasha Sanford