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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has a variety of technologies ranging from chemicals to lighting systems to algorithms and everything in-between. Rensselaer’s technologies can help you start a company or be a great addition to your current technology portfolio. To see what technologies are currently available for licensing at Rensselaer, please use the search below. If you have a technology need that Rensselaer’s technologies don’t currently solve, please reach out to IPO to discuss more your needs.

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Researchers at RPI have developed a mixed-reality museum installation called the “World of Plankton (WOP).” WOP offers users a multisensory, interactive game based on phytoplankton ecology. Thanks to a virtual touch pool, users can manipulate and augment imagery of specific fish, microalgae, and other aquatic flora and fauna. Doing so launches sound effects, animation and…