Embedded Nanotube Array Sensor ENTAS

Routine, nondestructive inspectsions of aircraft components take place at periodic intervals before and during operation of an aircarft to ensure safety of flight. These mandated inspections focus on damage caused by impact, flight induced stress, or manufacturing defect. Currently, most of these inspections are time consuming, expensive, and result in significant downtime of the aircraft. This invention is directed to nanosensors that can detect structural change in aircraft components.


Material fluid permeability is an essential quality measurement in a variety of industries including textiles and papermaking. Permeability in itself is related to the porosity, density, and thickness of a material. Consistency of these material properties over time is required within a process as an indication of the quality. The purpose of permeability measurement is to accurately indicate the quality and consistency of a material product.


Many times following orthopedic surgery or injury to lower extremeties patients are advised to gradually bear weight on their limb. Since patients do not want to cause further damage or pain to the injury they put little to no weight on the area. The application is necessary, however, for proper recovery. This invention is a mechanical device that indicates to the patient when a first level of weight is applied. So, this encourages them to step firmly enough to reach this level without fear that they are going to hurt themselves or cause pain.