High spatial resolution non-contact temperature measurement

Rensselaer researchers have developed a scanning electron microscopy based temperature mapping technique which employs a temperature sensitive electron signal for nano-scale resolution, non-contact measurement. It provides enhanced capabilities for investigating heat generation and transfer at the nanoscale to address long-standing issues related to power consumption, heat dissipation and energy conversion efficiency in many current and future generation nano-engineered systems.

Systems, Methods, and Devices for Handling Terahertz Radiation

Many THz systems have very limited portability and mobility due to their large size and sensitivity to vibrations, pressures, and torque loadings. Further, much of the demand for THz technology comes from research, industrial, and military applications where the operator is not expected to have experience in advanced optical systems. For most field applications, especially for defense applications, a mobile, robust, turnkey, miniature, or handheld THz time-domain spectrometer is essential.