Line-of-sight detectors and communication systems in sub-THz and THz ranges

The terahertz (THz) band shows promise in terms of providing improved communications capabilities, including the ability for power-enhanced beam-forming and spatial multiplexing and reconfigurable array architectures that meet the capacity demands for 5G applications. All of these attributes of line of sight (LoS) systems in the THz spectral regime allow for wireless bit rates to be augmented without typical issues such as latency or noise complicating the picture.


This technology overcomes several serious difficulties related to aligning and attaching transducers on opposite sides of a barrier like a submarine hull or the like, when the vessel is in a body of water, or other barriers where one or both sides of the barrier may be in a hostile environment, such as under high pressure, high temperature or nuclear conditions, or a liquid environment. This technology utilizes mounting members with threaded bolt holes at their periphery.

Ultrasonic High Temperature and Pressure Housing for Piezoelectric-Acoustic Channels

This technology relates to ultrasonic transducer arrangement for transmitting and receiving ultrasonic data and power to and from a barrier. Many transducer designs suffer from uneven pressure between critical surfaces, which results in warped components and degraded performance. This technology provides a transducer design that avoids these issues and provides improved performance in high temperature andor high pressure environments.