Directed assembly of highly-organized carbon nanotube architectures

Carbon nanotubes are a nanostructured material that promises to have a wide range of applications. However, the present techniques used to build nanotube architectures have several deficiencies, such as the inability to precisely and controllably align the nanotubes. This invention is a novel and powerful method to assemble carbon nanotubes on planar substrates to build and control highly organized 1-to-3D architectures.

Super-compressible carbon nanotube films and micro-bundles

Structural foams have a variety of applications, such as cushioning, packaging, and construction. Compressive strength and compressibility are important factors to determine the performance and application of foams. However, since these factors are of opposing nature there is a need for structural foam with high compressive strength, compressibility, and resilience. This invention is comprised of on open-cell carbon nanotube which exhibits super-compressible foamlike behavior. They have higher compressive strength, recovery rate, sag factor, and breathability.