Terahertz wave imaging has been used in various applications, such as security sensing and quality control inspection, for example. Terahertz wave two-dimensional (2D) imaging technology has been demonstrated as it dramatically reduces the time required for image acquisition. It can also support real-time terahertz wave imaging. However, the development of 2D terahertz imaging systems has been hindered by: current 2D terahertz wave detector arrays suffering from low sensitivity; integrating some terahertz wave detectors, such as the heterodyne detector, is difficult where a large number of pixels is desired; and dilution in the terahertz waves intensity over the entire 2D detector array causes current 2D terahertz imaging systems to have low signal-to-noise ratios. This invention is directed to a method and system for imaging an object by transmitting distinguishable electromagnetic waves from a plurality of radiators of an antenna array. Each electromagnetic wave is distinguishable from others by a detector and each radiator transmits radiation comprising a different electromagnetic wave. This system images an object with a single detector more rapidly by detecting the information for the pixels of the image concurrently.

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Natasha Sanford