This invention is directed to a system and method to create three dimensional tomography using a Fresnel lens with broadband terahertz (THz) pulses.The procedure allows reconstruction of an objects tomographic contrast image by assembling the frequency-dependent images.Objects at various locations along the beam propagation path are uniquely imaged on the same imaging plane using a Fresnel lens with different frequencies of the imaging beam. This system is particularly well-suited for applications that require imaging targets comprising dielectric materials that are transparent to THz waves, such as powder detection, package inspection, detection of explosive material, and the like. Because a THz wave has a very short wavelength (0.03 mm1 mm), T-ray tomography can achieve sub-millimeter resolution. T-ray tomography also has potential applications in detecting bacteria, severity of skin burns, and skin cancer. The systems and methods described provide an image modality that can be used to reconstruct any slice of such objects desired to be investigated.

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Natasha Sanford