This invention is directed to a hybrid asynchronous, distributed audiovideo group conferencing system.The invention eliminates the need to choose between the convenience of asynchronous messaging (such as email) and the interactive capabilities of full bandwidth conferences by providing sound and video in a recorded storage and retrieval system, indexed to facilitate examination and comprehension by distributed group members.Melding the beneficial attributes of asynchronous conferencing systems and full-channel audiovideo communication provides advantages greater than either set alone. The invention provides a method and a system for synchronizing audiovideo messages and message-related information stored in a workstation with audiovideo messages and message-related information stored in a server.The system include central maintenance of video clips in a serverclient storage and delivery system, indexing and cross-listing of video-recorded content, and flexible dynamic organization of video clips in a user-adjustable indexing system for playback by temporal, topical, or author-based retrieval requests.

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Natasha Sanford