As part of the continuing effort to reduce the environmental impact of various industrial chemical processes, there has been a strong emphasis in developing new methodology for the application and cure of organic coatings. While these ubiquitous materials are absolutely essential to modern life, they also constitute one of the primary industrial Sources of emissions of Volatile organic Solvents that contribute to air and water pollution. The use of photopolymerizations for the fabrication of decorative and protective organic coatings is one solution to this problem that is receiving increasing acceptance as this technology matures and as more users gain experience in applying it to their specific requirements. This invention is directed to a class of substituted aromatic compounds that are effective photosensitizers and cure accelerators for epoxy compounds. The compounds have reduced toxicity and increased solubility in polymerizable formulations. More importantly, the compounds participate in the polymerization reaction, and thereby become incorporated into the polymer. As a result, the effectiveness of the photosensitizer is maximized because volatility is reduced, and toxicity is minimized because the photosensitizer is not available to the environment.

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Natasha Sanford