Seize Success

Seize Success

“The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.”
Theodore Roosevelt

Do you want to live deeply and realize all of your potential? At its core, a true sense of urgency is life's great differentiator.

What is a true sense of urgency? It is a delicate balance between priority and pace. It is the knowledge that you get up every day knowing that you will have an impact, you will make a difference, and you will create change. It is the knowledge that you will reflect at the end of your day, and know you focused precious energy on the things that matter most.

It is this type of self-motivation that will move you further and faster. Urgency creates a reality that anything is possible or attainable, and this is where your creative imagination will uncover a way to make it happen.

Living in a state of urgency tells the mind you are going to be relentless until you meet success. A sense of urgency provides immediate focus on the tasks that must be done. Before you know it, momentum builds and pushes you closer to your goal.

Approach your day, your research and your startup as though your life depended on it. Answer the urgency of your gifts.